This re-publication of TRIGGER IN includes, in addition to basic technical topics and readings already present in the prior edition, an introduction aimed at verifying the starting levels of both grammar and vocabulary whose contents relate to the reality and language of the student. Furthermore, the text has been extended by inserting different pieces with structured grammar and linguistic exercises related or not, making it richer and updated.

The text is compiled of:

  • An introduction
  • 6 modules divided into didactic units plus a final module regarding the relation to the world of work. Every module corresponds to one or more technical subjects of specialization common to all the courses.
  • Grammar sheets
  • Vocabulary
  • List of acronyms
  • Solution of the sectorial exercises
  • Just for Fun

The text includes:

  • short Technical pieces: in accordance with the principle of clarity and simplicity of exposition, they consider the basic knowledge of students and their attention spans.
  • Readings: are inspired by technical topics and provide elements of general knowledge, civilization and current events.
  • Communication skills: communication activities (dialogues, phone calls, emails) that introduce the student to the spoken language.
  • Test activity: tests of psychological and informative nature with final score. They propose topics related to the reality of the students and their personal and professional interests.
  • Just for Fun: rich and varied chapter that proposes learning through play.

The Teacher’s book includes:

  • Check tests
  • Examples of the high school diploma's third test
  • Solutions to exercises

CD with readings of some texts and dialogues to complete.

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  • Text + CD
    ISBN: 9788842671152
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  • Guide for the teacher
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