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The project
An engaging and motivating proposal, designed by a team of international experts to easily meet the needs of teachers, kids and their families. The Jingle course is full of valuable didactic instruments that allow the creation of easily manageable, customised courses.
The spiral linguistic path allows a constant revision and enrichment of the lexical areas and structures with a gradual progression year after year.
A lot of attention has been dedicated to volumes 4 and 5 of both the revision and the preparation for student beginning junior high school. For this reason, pages have been created ad hoc to consolidate the vocabulary, the communication skills and the grammatical structure.

The scenario
The world of primary school has been in a phase of evolution for decades: changes go from technological innovations to more and more multi-ethnic classes, composed by children from different cultural backgrounds and competences. In this new scenario, teachers have a greater need for flexible educational tools to customize their teaching in order to meet the different needs and expertise of the students of increasingly diverse classrooms. The Jingle course is in line with the New National Guidelines regarding the learning process of the English language in primary school and allows students to reach level A1 goals of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The approach
The Characters, illustrations, contents and activities used on the course draw the attention of the students and are always in line with the age and competences acquired by the students year after year. All the support tools to textbooks and workbooks cleverly interact with each student along the path of study.
The approach is communicative and playful, full of a variety of engaging proposals. Whilst creating this course, a great deal of importance has been given to the Total Physical Response activities with a wide range of suggestions for games to play in couples, groups, songs, nursery rhymes and crafts that involve the students.
A lot of attention has been given to the needs of pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

The methodology and didactic routine
Every volume contains 1 Welcome unit and 6 didactic units that follow a strict didactic routine, with a recurring scheme:

  • Presentation: phase where vocabulary and grammatical structures are introduced through dialogues as well as “listen and repeat” exercises.
  • Practice and extension: entry level students cover two out of four linguistic skills, in particular those related to listening and speaking (as recommended by the Ministerial Programme), to subsequently pass onto the following classes, where all the four skills are developed: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Also, starting from class three, the focus will be shifted on the pronunciation and phonetics of the English language.
  • Consolidation: phase where the students strengthen, customise and internalise structures and words presented in the unit, through playful activities and CLIL and, beginning from the third class, listening and reading of comic strip stories about the adventures of the main characters Jingle and Tammy.
  • To follow, in the fourth and fifth class, there are two pages entitled Go with Jingle! focused on grammar, introducing phonetics and phonology (in line with the National Indications).

After completing these steps of the course, every unit ends with the pages dedicated to the assessment of the average goals (Jingle all the way) and of the culture and citizenship, with a double page that presents the analysis of authentic materials, a reflection on similarities or differences concerning traditions, as well as proposing CLIL projects covering themes such as respect for the environment and civilized coexistence.

For the teacher and the class

  • Teacher’s Book full of suggestions to help the teachers create didactic paths according to the classes needs and competences.
  • Teacher’s Audio CD containing vocabulary, dialogues, songs, nursery rhymes and all the listening exercises of the Student’s Book and Workbook.
  • Dolls of Jingle and Tammy to animate presentations and review structures.
  • Magic wand to manage the different activities with a little bit of "magic".
  • Flashcard pack useful to present the vocabulary and play vocabulary building games.
  • Poster pack a series of posters for the classroom (size: 70×100).
  • DVDs for computers, tablets and IWB with animations, karaoke, written exams, glossary and interactive games, besides several detailed explanations dedicated to the English culture with themed videos and working papers that present customs, traditions and aspects of English children daily life, together with some spectacular shots of the city of London. Through 20 short films (4 for every year of study) the students, along with the likeable Mr Teddy Bear, will visit famous and characteristic places of the capital, English school and some homes.
  • Jingle Digital Tools a detailed guide to the digital resources, videos and supplementary multimedia contents.

  • DIGITAL Book vol. 1
    ISBN: 9788842629870
  • DIGITAL Book vol. 2
    ISBN: 9788842629887
  • DIGITAL Book vol. 3
    ISBN: 9788842629894
  • DIGITAL Book vol. 4
    ISBN: 9788842629900
  • DIGITAL Book vol. 5
    ISBN: 9788842629917
  • Volumes for the first class
    • Student's Book 1 - Pages: 48
    • Workbook 1 - Pages: 48
    • CD Audio 1

    ISBN: 9788842629269
    Pages: 96
    Code: 2926
  • Volumes for the second class
    • Student's Book 2 - Pages: 72
    • Workbook 2 - Pages: 48
    • CD Audio 2

    ISBN: 9788842629276
    Pages: 120
    Code: 2927
  • Volumes for the third class
    • Student's Book 3 - Pages: 80
    • Workbook 3 - Pages: 48
    • CD Audio 3

    ISBN: 9788842629283
    Pages: 128
    Code: 2928
  • Volumes for the fourth class
    • Student's Book 4 - Pages: 96
    • Workbook 4 - Pages: 48
    • CD Audio 4

    ISBN: 9788842629290
    Pages: 144
    Code: 2929
  • Volumes for the fifth class
    • Student's Book 5 - Pages: 96
    • Workbook 5 - Pages: 48
    • CD Audio 5

    ISBN: 9788842629306
    Pages: 144
    Code: 2930

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