This small volume is addressed to junior high school students and gives them the opportunity to pass the INVALSI test expected in year three.

Exercising for this National Test is very important because only through practice the student can acquire self-confidence and confidence trust in his abilities.
This manual "trainer", offers the tools to understand how the tests are structured and how to execute them.

The material here presented is divided into two sections:

  • Part 1 consists of a text to read and in addition to a series of questions related to the text itself that verify its understanding.
  • Part 2 contains questions on grammar knowledge.

Every question has four possible answers and the student has to choose the one that, in his opinion, is the right one. The text has to be read carefully because the questions have only one right answer, but the choice options, if not understood thoroughly, are intentionally misleading and confusing.

To help the student, a small glossary has been added to each test. The topics presented are related to current events or to parts of the programme covered during the course of the year.

The vocabulary and grammatical structures are vast and refer to the whole English programme provided by the Ministry for the high school.

Grammar tests, conceived as supplementary training, are intended to help the student understand what are his "weak" points, and therefore, work to strengthen those grammatical topics that still need to be reviewed and studied.

From an operational point of view, the book advises the student to put a small cross on the answer he thinks fits best. If, after re-reading, the student thinks he was wrong, he can simply write "NO" next to the answer he would like to delete and put another small cross on the option he considers correct.

At the end, based on the correction the teacher provides, the student will be able to verify the outcome of the test and make the necessary reflections about the result obtained.

  • Single volume
    ISBN: 9788842650492
    Pages: 88
    Code: 5049
    Price: € 5,50
  • Guide for the teacher
    Code: 5049B

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