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This booklet is addressed to high school students and it gives them the opportunity to to practise for and to pass the INVALSI test that will soon be introduced in the second year of the course.

Even though this exam has not been made official yet and the way it will be structured is not clear, we have thought to organise it so that the students' knowledge can be verified in all aspects: the comprehension of a text, the specific usage of the English language and grammar, but also considering the need to make a quick, simple and objective correction.

The material is structured as follows:

  1. 12 texts regarding different topics that high school students find interesting. Every text is followed by a glossary containing the least common terms and a multiple-choice exercise with four options intended to test students' comprehension.
  2. A second exercise with regard to English usage, focused on the ability to reflect on language and the use of vocabulary and specific structures, sometimes making a comparison with the Italian language.
  3. Finally, a grammar exercise is presented (always related to the text) that aims to verifying grammatical knowledge.

The texts have been composed choosing various topics, from those related to the programme to those specifically focused on people of this age group. They create an opportunity to expand students’ vocabulary, thanks to the glossary. Some words were not specifically included in the glossary as they were the object of exercises on the use of the language. In the multiple-choice exercises the four options are intentionally similar to each other. It is important that the student reads the text very carefully as the questions require only one correct answer.

Regarding the grammar, the exercices are drawn from structures present in the text and are intended to verify the acquisition of what has been covered in the two years of high school.

Beyond the mere exercise aimed at preparing students for the INVALSI test, this booklet is useful revision for different areas (such as comprehension, use of language and grammar) and tests that expand students’ vocabulary.

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