Get on Board is a technical English text for polytechnic schools specialising in Transport and Logistics. The second edition has new colour illustrations and its contents have been updated, to meet the educational needs of the new course organisation.
The text has a wide selection of topics, divided into didactic units. Each didactic unit is split into paragraphs that addresses the main topic from different perspectives. From this wide collection, the teacher can choose a modular path suitable to the needs of his classes, and find ideas for inter-disciplinary paths and CLIL.
The development of the texts and the combination of the exercises proposed to develop the four skills include various activities - such as “listen and complete”, “answer the questions”, “diagram study” and “notetaking” . These are developed to guide the student through the acquisition of reading skills, vocabulary and linguistic structures that he needs in order to consult, read and understand English- written materials specific to his own field of study, such as manuals and instructions for the use of machines or understanding urgent messages received via radio or via a teletype board, and be able to produce an appropriate answer message.
For this second edition, the authors have completely revised the texts, to make them easier for students and to update the references to the IMO rules, which take into account any changes that have occurred since the previous edition.
Among the new features of the current edition there are “project work” activities proposed at the end of each didactic unit. They consist of various activities of guided research on the Internet, for which there are specific pages and the related "links". These activities offer the opportunity to work on computers in the lab and further examine, through the web, the contents learned.
The grammar section, consisting of explanations and exercises, clarifies the main practical difficulties that students encounter in the study of technical language.
The text is accompanied by a glossary with the translation of the most frequent technical terms.
Each didactic unit is followed by a "test" for the written part, that includes exercises for both production and identification of terms. The Teacher's book contains the solution to the exercises proposed in the didactic units, the tests and the test key of each didactic unit, and the solution to the grammar exercises.

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Web Book, the book continues online: exercices, detailed explanations, constant updates to download, consult, print directly from the website:
The traditional paper text is combined with the supplementary digital contents available online, all that is needed to accompany, integrate, extend and examine in depth the educational contents present in the text.

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The digital book, complete version of the book, contains all the multimedia contents traditionally available online.
It can be purchased directly from the publisher website too:, as an alternative to the paper version.
The digital book can also be purchased through a digital storage (CD-Rom, DVD Rom) attached to the paper version.

A real interactive DIGITAL and multimedia book, not a PDF to leaf through but a completely customisable digital storage which responds to the current regulations about accessibility thanks to:

  • more than 70 operative functions;
  • specific functions for BES/DSA;
  • continuous updates;
  • audios, videos, exercices, animations and in-depth analysis, all the digital supplementary contents just a click away!

MULTIMEDIA contents of the ONLINE resources and of the DIGITAL BOOK:

  • 60 pages of in-depth multimedia and printable analysis
  • 70 audio tracks
  • more than 70 interactive and multimedia exercices
  • a DIGITAL BOOK with more than 60 application functions
A constant updating website!

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